Individual Consultation

The Family Education Center offers services to individuals as well.

Communication skills

Effective communication is as important for individuals as it is for couples and groups. Knowing how to communicate with others without creating blame, recrimination, guilt or other negative feelings, and communicating in an open and positive manner that promotes trust and respect, are skills that can be learned and practiced. 

Personal consultation and coaching

We can all benefit from help and support at one time or another as we make our way through life. There may be times when things seem out of our control. We can feel overwhelmed by feelings of stress, anxiety, anger, or depression.  Or we may simply feel directionless and frustrated.  Personal coaching can be enormously helpful in our efforts to understand our feelings, make decisions, or change non-productive behavior patterns.

Anger management

Anger is a powerful emotion that can take a great toll on physical and emotional health.  Expressing anger in an angry, hostile and/or threatening way can make personal, social or professional relationships difficult to maintain.  Conversely, dealing with anger appropriately can be of immense benefit to an individual, couple, or group.

At FEC, we teach and coach essential skills of anger management. We teach how to process angry feelings, instead of either venting or stuffing them. Problem solving techniques and communication skills are essential parts of this process.