Some couples stay happily married. Some families stay happily intact.  Others don’t. Over the past 35 years, we have learned a lot about why this is. We have learned what is different about those couples and families who stay happily together.

It isn’t that successful couples and families have  fewer disagreements or conflicts. In truth, we all have the same conflicts – about sex, money, children, in-laws, etc. The difference is in how we handle our disagreements and conflicts. Successful couples and families learn to disagree in ways which can actually strengthen their relationships.

The skills needed to do this are teachable and learnable. Since 1975, we have helped thousands of individuals, couples, families, and organizations develop and practice the skills needed to build and nourish their relationships.

In our Personal and Relationship Coaching practice, we teach individuals, couples and families to manage their relationships in ways that work to build and maintain:


– A Strong and Healthy Communication Process

– A Supportive and Loving Atmosphere

– A Shared Assumption of Good Will

– A Shared Commitment to Permanence


 We all benefit from good coaching.